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A word from CEO About CDC The Organization Social and Environmental Responsibility Our values Our Areas of Intervention Our Holdings Our partners Our Subsidiaries Banking Services / Deposits and Consignations Real Estate Promotion Investment and Financing Local Communities Energy and Sustainable Development Real estate Energy Unclaimed assets Consignment OYIS Housing HR Policy Work at the CDC Internships
Our Activities
Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations' intervention is focused on extended missions in the service of development, namely :
  • Management of deposits and funds allocated to institutions (allocations and resources allocated to revenue and advance agencies, public projects and programmes, administrations, companies and public institutions, etc.);
  • Keeping the accounts of institutions and legal professionals and other professionals acting as receivers;
  • Protection of regulated savings and third-party funds held by legal professionals, funds admitted on consignment, popular savings of pension funds and passbook savers' assets.

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations is a new type of public investor, with public-interest missions in support of public policies conducted by the State and local authorities in the field of development. It is an institutional investor and a long-term lender.

Banking Services Department

Mission Statement

The Banking Services Department (DSB) is a CDC Department whose main mission is to exercise the prerogative of trusted third parties devolved to the Institution by laws and regulations. As such, it must manage all funds admitted in deposits, consignments and mobilize popular savings. Its mission is to receive, store and then return the deposits to the beneficiaries in compliance with legal and regulatory provisions.

Special feature

Management is working to explain the unique features of Account Management through the implementation of processes, procedures and supports for internal and external use. In addition, the implementation of an IT application called "THEMIS" has made it possible to promote harmonised and efficient management of the activities of legal and consignment professionals and, in the near future, of savings.

Regulatory texts

  • Order n°024/PR/2010 of 12 August 2010 authorises the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) to manage deposits, sureties and judicial or administrative consignments.
  • Decree 01228/PR/MECIT implementing certain provisions relating to the activities of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations of 13 October 2011. (Provide a link to the regulatory texts)


The Deposit Service, under the supervision of the Director of Banking Services, manages all institutional transactions by offering them the following front and back office services :

  • Opening and closing of accounts ;
  • Management of payment instruments ;
  • Processing and follow-up of customer complaints.

Concerned customers

Institutional investors include all public bodies and management entities registered in the Finance Act and subject to State subsidies. There are 4 categories of administrations, namely:

  • Accounting Agencies
    responsible for the execution of the budget of a public entity, some of which may be autonomous in management (Senate, National Assembly);
  • The Régies
    financial structures set up to regularize certain expenses (Régie Education Nationale);
  • Other Public Entities
    Structures that are neither a governance nor an accounting agency (GCS-RE);
  • Projects / Programs
    Adhoc public entities created for the realization of a specific project (Seed Programs).


Maintaining the accounts of legal and other professionals is a business of the Banking Services Department (DSB). To ensure the security of regulated funds, CDC offers its clients a range of banking products specific to their activities, such as:

  • A Third Party Fund Account, where their clients' funds are held in compliance with the legal obligations to which they are subject;
  • An Office Account for their professional treasury, with which are associated a set of services.

for their professional treasury, with which are associated a set of services.

By legal professions is meant all professionals of private or public status exercising offices, offices or other ministries on a permanent or occasional basis directly related to judicial or legal activity, in particular:

  • The lawyers ;
  • Notaries in title and ad hoc notaries ;
  • The judicial officers in title and the ad hoc judicial officers ;
  • Any judicial representative and estate administrators.


The management of the Consignations consists in receiving, preserving and returning to their beneficiaries, deposits received in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.

Different categories

  • Consignations by decision of Justice;
  • Administrative bonds (repatriation and election bonds) and judicial bonds (provisional release bond and naturalization bond);
  • Unclaimed assets.


The management of regulated savings is a profession of the Banking Services Department (DSB). As such, it must mobilize popular savings booklet and ensure security and liquidity;

To fulfill this mission, the DSB creates popular savings products on innovative booklet, the mechanism of repayment to the CDC would facilitate the financing of public projects such as: the construction of social housing and community facilities for local authorities .

Customer concerned

Individuals and associations account in financial institutions belonging to its collector network.

Real Estate Promotion
Real estate development is carried out within our institution by the subsidiary Avorbam Investissements, which was created by the merger between Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations du Gabon and T2G, a subsidiary of the Moroccan group TGCC.

It is an activity that highlights two departments of the said subsidiary, namely the department in charge of assets and the commercial department. One is in charge of the control and monitoring phase of all the real estate assets, and the other is in charge of the marketing of the various housing units after delivery.

Avorbam Investissements optimally manages two real estate projects currently in the commercialization phase:

The residential complex "LES BOUGAINVILLERS"

The real estate program is structured around 15 buildings, located in the northern area of Libreville, precisely in the municipality of Akanda, Avorbam district. This development consists of two types of housing:

  • 165 2-bedroom units
  • 55 3-bedroom units

100% marketed, they remain accessible to all Gabonese since they are based on a hire-purchase formula for a period of 15 years. The Bougainvilleers have a community system administered by a Syndic.

Residential development MAGNOLIA

It is located on the outskirts of Les Bougainvilliers, and is structured around a development of 173 villas on one level, of which 163 have 3 bedrooms, 10 have 2 bedrooms, and 27 apartments divided into 3 blocks of R+2 buildings. This program is currently marketed at 75%.

In order to support the public policies pursued by the Government and local authorities in the field of housing in accordance with Strategic Objective 20 of the Emerging Gabon Strategic Plan, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations has developed close contacts with local and international companies.

Financing & investments

The financing part is dedicated to Income Generating Activities (IGAs), the CDC in its role as a public policy advisor identifies potential income-generating projects to finance the self-employment of young people.

It partners with specialized entities (FNAS, ONE) in the identification of project leaders through their databases for the selection of projects to be funded.

It carries out the administrative, legal, technical and financial structuring of the project in order to determine the level of financing to be granted, the profitability and the general interest.

The intermediation of the CDC allows:

  • Lower interest rates in relation to the market;
  • To finance the project through a dedicated financial institution;
  • To take a stake in the project;
  • To create SPV project.

The CDC also monitors the project's management, profitability and sustainability through monitoring by the project's stakeholders.

Today, in our role as public policy advisors, we make investments that are both competitive and in the public interest.

The main investments made are in real estate projects, notably "Les Bougainvilliers" and "Magnolia".

The CDC continues to invest in this sector to address a housing deficit that is a direction from the highest authorities included in the Gabon Emargent Strategic Plan.

Local Communities
Despite its young age, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations has the ambition to become a key player in local development and a promoter of decentralisation, with the DDTF as its secular arm.

This department is specifically responsible for identifying, supporting and implementing productive projects carried out by local authorities. It is a matter of developing partnerships in all forms between the CDC and local authorities. These partnerships are mainly based on joint ventures, equity investments and indirect financing aimed at empowering communities.

Energy and Sustainable Development
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